Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Filter LogCat to get only the messages from My Application in Android?

Package names are guaranteed to be unique so you can use the Log function with the tag as your package name and then filter by package name:
NOTE: As of Build Tools 21.0.3 this will no longer work as TAGS are restricted to 23 characters or less.
Log.<log level>("<your package name>", "message");
adb -d logcat <your package name>:<log level> *:S
-d denotes an actual device and -e denotes an emulator. If there's more than 1 emulator running you can use -s emulator-<emulator number> (eg, -s emulator-5558)
Example: adb -d logcat com.example.example:I *:S
Or if you are using System.out.print to send messages to the log you can use adb -d logcat System.out:I *:S to show only calls to System.out.
You can find all the log levels and more info here:http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/tools/adb.html#logcat
EDIT: Looks like I jumped the gun a little and just realized you were asking about logcat in Eclipse. What I posted above is for using logcat through adb from the command line. I'm not sure if the same filters transfer over into Eclipse.